The Deats

All About the Fancy Schmancy

Sponsored by Avery Brewing Company! (All tickets get a free pint)

It’s a reason to get dressed-up for absolutely no reason (and the biggest #DenverTweetup in our history yet)! On November 6, 2010, we’ll gather at The Rackhouse Pub and dance, drink, mix and mingle the night away. We haven’t had a proper Denver Tweetup in 2010 and we decided to make this one count!

Admission ticket sales will go towards the following:

50% proceeds to The Movember Foundation
25% proceeds to our awesome DJs (because nobody works for free, yo)
25% proceeds to The Fancy and The Schmancy prize pools (see below)


What’s the Fancy Part?

It’s simple: you have to stick to the event dress code. And the dress code is: anything BUT jeans. We’ll be awarding CASH PRIZES for the Best Fancy Attire – just think: YOU could be crowned the first King and Queen (or King and King…or Queen and Queen) of the Fancy Schmancy!

What’s the Schmancy Part?

Well, that’s the fun: get ridiculous. Get crazy. Get sexy. Get wild. Put it on and we’ll tell ya if it turns us on! Just like the Best Fancy Attire category, you can compete in the Best Schmancy Attire category – CASH PRIZES are waiting!

We’ll post more information on the Fancy and Schmancy Attire contest ASAP!

What Would be Really Awesome…

Is if you also found it in your heart to bring a toy donation for the Denver Santa Claus Shop. Keep it under $10 and put your heart in it – no shooting games or weapon toys, please. This is an event about having fun, doing good and kicking pre-holiday season Denver Tweetup in style!

Read about the Raffle (new prizes added weekly!)

Get Your Tickets NOW (we *do* have an event cap due to fire marshall regulations on capacity)